Nikara wins N Class in Neste Rally

Following his impressive class win in IRC rally at San Marino on YOKOHAMA tyres and a 2nd overall in the Finnish championship event Jarkko Nikara again made his mark in the Group N class in Finland´s own WRC event, the Neste Oil Rally Finland held last weekend.

Jarkko and his brother Petri in an old Mitsubishi Lancer EvoIX were unlucky in the first special stage as he had problems with the turbo pipe in the first few corners which meant a substantial time loss and no real power to follow the leading cars, resulting in the loss of 1 min 40 seconds.
However they were able to recover in the next stages and were the fastest in all the remaining 17 stages in their class and indeed very competitive against s2000 cars and on occasions even faster.

This impressive driving meant they won the Group N with a very comfortable margin of 4.32 minutes.
In an exclusive statement to the YOKOHAMA EUROPE website Jarkko was full of praise for the YOKOHAMA tyres stating they worked very well all weekend.  “We were using soft and medium compounds and we did the right tyre choices.  A big thank you to YOKOHAMA because they gave me very competitive tyres.” He concluded.
Nikara finished in overall 13th position with six WRC crews behind him.
This weekend  Nikara competes in Merikarvia (Finnish championship rally) again on YOKOHAMA tyres.