TÜV SÜD certification for BluEarth AE-01

YOKOHAMA is proud to announce its BluEarth AE-01 tyre has been awarded a certification as a “good energy saving tyre” during the recently conducted benchmark test by prestigious TÜV SÜD, Germany.

The wide range of tests which rated general performance and the environmental qualities of the tyres proved the YOKOHAMA BluEarth AE-01 is not only an impressive eco tyre providing top results in the different environmental considerations but also keeps the highest levels of performance too.  

The tests which included other top premium tyre manufacturers, graded the tyres on Wet braking performance, Wet handling, Dry braking, Low rolling resistance, Tyre road noise level, Average fuel consumption and were completed at different test locations in Spain and Germany. The tyres were tested under real road conditions, laboratory conditions including inside drum tests and at test tracks.

Top scores went to the YOKOHAMA tyre on the average fuel consumption benchmark which resulted in a use of 7.01 Litre per 100Km followed by another premium manufacturer in second place with a 7.36 Litre consumption per 100Km. In addition to this YOKOHAMA’s BluEarth AE-01 also received the best grade under real road conditions in the outdoor fuel consumption test.

Another top grade for the BluEarth AE-01 was the Rolling resistance test which achieved a 17% lower rolling resistance than the average of the other tested tyres.

Following on the environmental theme, YOKOHAMA also scored the best on the external tyre noise level dB(A) which received a result of 70 dB in front of all the others tested.

The dry braking result also positioned YOKOHAMA on the top of the tested tyres by reaching a dry braking distance of 37m from 100-0 Km/h.

In terms of its wet handling the BluEarth AE-01 achieved a higher than average performance and in front of two other premium tyre manufacturers.

Meanwhile in its wet braking result YOKOHAMA again produced an above average result also in front of two other tested tyres.

Commenting on the results, a spokesperson for YOKOHAMA Europe expressed satisfaction at the excellent results achieved by the BluEarth AE-01 and explained this was testament to the continuous research, development and commitment YOKOHAMA places on its ecologically friendly tyres.


*TÜV SÜD is one of the world’s leading Technical Service organisations, within the segments Industry, Mobility and Certification. "Choose certainty. Add value." is the philosophy behind the services from TÜV SÜD, with Headquarters in Germany. The YOKOHAMA BluEarth AE-01 was tested on a voluntary basis in the 195/65R15 size and complies with the essential requirements and values, as laid out in the stringent tests conducted by TÜV SÜD Automotive.  These are based on the EU Labelling tests with a stricter target that must be met for certification.