YOKOHAMA Italia, recently attended the final stage of the innovative ”Audi in City Golf” touring tournament that took place in Florence, currently European Sporting City 2012. With the first stage taking place last July in Cortina, an impressive location also full of natural beauty under the patronage of Giulia Sergas the world renowned Italian Champion.

YOKOHAMA has been a protagonist of both the first and last stage of this now very popular event, with a hole sponsored by the Japanese tyre manufacturing company, where all golf lovers had the possibility of playing and testing their own skills and abilities. YOKOHAMA Staff prepared an original and amusing urban itinerary in which the most beautiful streets and sights of the city became an integral part of the golf course and included holes of different difficulties.

The unusual urban location made the exhibition an additional attraction and many golf lovers and tourists alike got involved in the game either as participant or spectator. On this occasion YOKOHAMA dedicated the hole to the main product of 2012: The BluEarth AE-01. Among its main features, the low rolling resistance of this tyre allows lower fuel consumption and less gas emissions: a very relevant innovation for the preservation of the environment and artistic heritage, a vital part of Florence.

YOKOHAMA’s Marketing Manager, Giuseppe Pezzaioli, who followed the project “Audi in City Golf”, expressed his satisfaction at the results and popularity of the tournament, which in addition to attracting big interest and crowds also offered the opportunity to share important values: such as the love for sport both for motoring competition and in an individual discipline. These ideals are supported by the choice of the two locations of the tournament.

Through this partnership with AUDI in City Golf, YOKOHAMA Italia also wanted to support and promote the possibility for many more people to enjoy golf, which may sometimes be seen as an elitist sport reserved for only a few.