YOKOHAMA launches its Premium comfort, “Silent tyre for BEV & PHEV”

YOKOHAMA announced that it will launch sales of the “ADVAN dB V552”, in European markets from spring 2021. The “ADVAN dB V552” will be available in a total of 16 sizes, ranging from 20 inch to 15 inch. The Company plans to gradually expand the line-up of available tyre sizes. (Note: available tyre sizes will vary from country to country)

The “ADVAN dB V552”, is a premium comfort tyre that was developed based on the concept of “a silent tyre that changes the atmosphere in the electric car.” Seeking to offer a tyre with a silent performance that realises an amazingly calm in-vehicle atmosphere and delivering a more pleasant experience to drivers, Yokohama has succeeded in reducing tyre noise energy. The ADVAN dB V552’s enhanced silence is the result of a meticulous design that included a review of all design elements -including pattern design, profile shape, internal structure, type and size of parts as well as surface contact configuration - from a zero-basis unbiased.

In addition, the tyre’s wet grip performance and fuel efficiency have been enhanced by the application of a compound that raises the dispersibility of silica.

The “ADVAN dB V552” size line-up will be expanded to meet expectations for a more silent ride from drivers of EV and PHEV.