Yokohama’s Support for Motorsports in 2021

Yokohama today announced its plans for supporting motorsports events in 2021. The consumer tyre strategy in our recently announced new medium-term management plan, Yokohama Transformation 2023 (YX2023), aims to maximize the sales ratios of high-value-added YOKOHAMA tyre brands, namely the global flagship ADVAN brand, the GEOLANDAR brand of tyres for SUVs and pickup trucks, and various winter tyres. YX2023 positions participation in motorsports activities as crucial to our effort to develop new tyre technologies that will further strengthen the ADVAN and GEOLANDAR brands. Yokohama therefore will again participate in a wide variety of motorsports events in Japan and around the globe, from top-category races to grassroots races. Event reports and results will be posted on Yokohama’s motorsports website as well various SNS specializing in motorsports topics. This release briefly introduces some of the main events Yokohama will be participating in this year.