YOKOHAMA’s Indonesian marine equipment products subsidiary receives the American Petroleum Institute’s API Spec Q1 certification

PT Yokohama Industrial Products Manufacturing Indonesia (YIID) is YOKOHAMA´s manufacturing and sales subsidiary for marine hoses and pneumatic fenders in Indonesia

YOKOHAMA announced today that PT Yokohama Industrial Products Manufacturing Indonesia (YIID), its manufacturing and sales subsidiary for marine hoses and pneumatic fenders in Indonesia, received the API Specification Q1 9th Edition (API Spec Q1) certification for product quality awarded by the American Petroleum Institute in June. API Spec Q1 is an authoritative globally recognized standard that specifies the quality management system requirements for manufacturing organizations involved in the petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries. Receiving the certification enhances the reputation of the manufacturer and its products.

This certification recognizes YIID’s marine hoses used to transfer petroleum and crude oil as well as its pneumatic fenders, which are used as protective buffers in ship-to-ship operations and ship-to-wharf operations. YIID hoses receiving the API Spec Q1 certification include its marine hoses used offshore and at wharfs, STS (Ship-to-Ship) hoses used in transfer operations between tankers at sea, and general-purpose OSD (Oil Suction & Discharge) hoses used for transfers from tankers to wharfs. YIID’s pneumatic fenders with a diameter of 2.5 meters or smaller also received the certification.

YOKOHAMA’s share in the market for marine hoses and pneumatic fenders ranks it among the world leaders. The Company’s Seaflex brand of marine hoses have played a major role in crude oil loading and unloading operations for more than 60 years. YOKOHAMA began manufacturing and selling its pneumatic fenders in 1958 and has received high praise from many customers. The parent company’s marine hoses received the API Spec Q1 certification in 2014, and YIID’s receiving the certification further enhances the reliability reputation of all Yokohama Group. Seaflex marine hoses produced by both companies also have been certified as in compliance with the Oil Companies International Marine Forum’s “GMPHOM 2009” international standard.

YIID was established in April 2014. The subsidiary has been selling marine hoses and pneumatic fenders manufactured at its plant located in the Kabil Industrial Estate in the eastern part of Indonesia’s Batam Island since 2016.

YOKOHAMA is now implementing the Yokohama Transformation 2023 (YX2023) medium-term management plan that will guide the company from 2021 through 2023. Under this plan, the MB segment will concentrate its resources in its two strongest business domains - hose & couplings and industrial products - as it aims to become a growth driver capable of generating stable profits. Accordingly, the marine hoses and pneumatic fenders business is endeavouring to maintain its high global market share and strengthen its production base. The business is taking action to enhance product and brand strength, while also stepping up sales activities in the oil industry, especially with the oil majors.