Under a basic policy of asserting world-class strengths in technologies for protecting the environment, as stated in its "Medium-Range Management Plan: Grand Design 100 (GD100)," the YOKOHAMA Rubber Group endorsed the concept of "top-level environmental friendliness in production."

A priority issue in that declaration was the reduction of waste emissions at domestic and overseas production sites. In Japan, all eight of YOKOHAMA's own production sites have maintained "complete zero emissions" since March 2006, and had achieved 100% recycling of industrial waste by the end of FY2009.

All overseas production sites aim at achieving "complete zero emissions“. Along with YOKOHAMA Tyre Philippines Inc. and Hangzhou YOKOHAMA Tyre Co., Ltd., key production and sales locations for passenger car tyres in the Philippines and China, respectively, having met that goal, the Yokohama Tire Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a key production and sales location for passenger-car, truck and bus tires in Thailand, has achieved "zero emissions."

  • Aiming for all products to be environmentally-friendly products
  • Achieving reductions in the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions (achieve 50% or more compared to 2005 in value chain (*4)
  • Promoting efficient use of water resources that considers the characteristics of water risks
  • Performing biodiversity conservation activities at production sites