The Feeling of Sportiness




  • Sporty Hatchbacks
  • Roadsters


  • High style design with unique tuning size range
  • Superb performance whatever the weather
  • High speed capability up to 300km/h (depend on sizes)
  • OE approved spec available


  • Multi-Dimensional tread design with variable angle grooves
  • Groove-in-Groove
  • High inch and narrow sizes for slender wheel housing
  • OE approved vehicles: Smart fortwo (BR451)
  • OE approved vehicles: Smart fortwo BRABUS (W451)
  • Superb cornering performance. Drive with the confidence that your car is performing to the maximum, and that your every action produces a direct response.


Multi-Dimensional Tread Design

The design for the tread pattern of the S.drive is a result of YOKOHAMA’s advanced simulation technology. The innovative, ‘Variable Angled Groove‘ that optimizes tread contact with the road provides dramatically enhanced traction on cornering.
YOKOHAMA’s ‘Groove-in-Groove’ design has resulted in a major advance in the
battle to eliminate uneven tyre wear because it allows the pattern block to
effectively distribute stress loads even during tight cornering.

Unique Size Line-Up

This ‘High-Style‘ tyre is the perfect fit for cars ranging from the compact
class to sporty roadsters. This attractive line-up of tyres will be of
particular interest to drivers who like to customize their cars. Available
in this range are ‘High Inch‘ narrow width tyres that are ideal for
slender wheel-housings. Moreover, in tandem with the advances in car
performance and as a plus for enthusiasts who like to tune their vehicles,
select tyres in this new range are well-suited to speeds up to the iconic
Y-range (up to 300km/h).


Available sizes

Inch Series Size Note Art. EAN/JAN dB
16 40 215/40R16 86W R6097 4968814998066 E B 69
16 40 195/40R16 80W R6099 4968814998080 E B 69
16 50 175/50R16 77T R6150 4968814998752 E C 69
17 35 225/35R17 86Y R6152 4968814998776 E C 72
  • Car
  • Summer Tyres
  • Handling
  • High Speed
  • Dry
  • Wet
  • Directional
  • Original Equipment


Fuel Efficiency E
Wet Grip B - C
External Noise

External Noise
Value (dB)
1 - 2

69 - 72