ADVAN Neova AD08

Fast Just got Even Faster

ADVAN Neova AD08



  • Sport cars
  • Club racers


  • Developed to be the fastest street tyre in the world
  • Amazing dry grip and durability on the track
  • Street-tyre property on wet and dry grip, and tread wear
  • Living in two worlds - Ready to go from the track to the street


  • MS Compound with H.D.C . (MS: Micro Silica; H.D.C.: Hyper Density Carbon) for Grip on wet and dry, treadwear
  • Steel Sidewall Inserts for Handling Control
  • Rapid Reflex Twin Ribs for Stability and reducing uneven wear
  • Unibloc Shoulder with HydroARC Channels
  • Groove-in-Groove-Technology
  • The amazing ADVAN Neova AD08 has been meticulously developed by the industry’s top engineers to be the fastest street tyre in the world. Utilizing technologies derived from the research and development of world class racing tyres, they have created a tyre without compromise. Born on the racetrack.
  • Enhanced Grip & Durability

ADVAN Neova AD08

MS (Micro Silica) Compound with H.D.C. (Hyper Density Carbon)

YOKOHAMA’s advanced tread compound delivers unprecedented street-tyre grip in wet or dry conditions, while improving treadwear.

Steel Sidewall Inserts

Specially placed steel inserts help resist lateral deflection while providing superior handling control and enhanced cornering.

Optimised Contact Patch

Low void to tread ratio keeps more rubber-to-road contact for maximum performance.

Rapid Reflex Twin Ribs

These wavy centre ribs add stability and lightningfast steering response during high-speed driving. Outer rib walls are rounded to reduce uneven treadwear.

Unibloc Shoulder With HydroARC Channels

These extra-wide shoulder blocks provide constant rubber-to road contact for improved lateral stability during high-speed cornering. The uniquely shaped HydroARC Channels effectively cut through water to deliver supreme grip in wet conditions.

Groove-in-Groove Technology

Tiny slits in the groove walls help effectively distribute stress loads to minimize uneven wear.

ADVAN Neova AD08

Available sizes

Inch Series Size Note Art. EAN/JAN dB
  • Car
  • Summer Tyres
  • Handling
  • High Grip
  • Dry
  • Directional


Fuel Efficiency
Wet Grip
External Noise

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