YOKOHAMA to Exhibit at 46th Tokyo Motor Show 2019
16 Oct 2019

Tokyo The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd., announced today that it will participate in the 46th Tokyo Motor Show 2019, to be held at Tokyo Big Sight in Koto ku, Tokyo, from October 23 through November 4 (open to the general public from October 25). This year’s YOKOHAMA booth will introduce visitors to the company’s excellent technology development capabilities. The booth will feature a future technologies corner that will provide a glimpse into the many changes that are expected to shape the future automobile society as well as a corner where visitors can learn about currently applied advanced technologies through hands on experiences.

The future technologies corner will introduce YOKOHAMA technologies compatible with the CASE* technology that is expected to see rapid application as well as environmental technologies that will help realize a sustainable society. Three CASE compatible technologies will be introduced the YOKOHAMA Intelligent Tire Concept, a tire IoT technology; the Self Seal Concept Tire, a technology that will sustain tire rotation in self driven, unmanned vehicles; and the Silent Foam Hook and Loop Fastener Concept Tire, a tire noise reduction technology for next generation vehicles. The environmental technologies to be displayed will include the Ultra Lightweight Concept Tire, which applies a technology that significantly reduces tire weight; a technology that enables the production of synthetic rubber from biomass; and a recyclable thermoreversible rubber. * An acronym for Connected, Autonomous, Shared & Services (short for car sharing and related services, or in some cases sharing only), and Electric (for e cars).

The existing advanced technology experience corner will introduce the Matrix Body Ply used in the ADVAN Sport V105, YOKOHAMA’s global flagship tire. Visitors will learn about the difference in rigidity of different carcass structures and feel the difference themselves by touching models at the hands on display. The corner will also introduce visitors to YOKOHAMA’s wet grip technology and the world’s first 344 size tire (as of September 2019) to receive the Japan tire labeling system’s ultimate “a” ranking for wet grip performance. This display too will have a hands on experience corner where visitors can compare the difference in tires’ grip on wet surfaces.

Yokohama Rubber plans to hold an on site press conference (South Hall 4, S4304) from 9:30 a.m. on October 24 to announce and explain its new technologies.

YOKOHAMA to Exhibit at 46th Tokyo Motor Show 2019

2019-10-16 YOKOHAMA to Exhibit at 46th Tokyo Motor Show 2019