YOKOHAMA Statement following FIA WTCC Race of Germany
06 Jun 2017

During the recently held FIA World Touring Car Championship Race of Germany at the Nürburgring some drivers expressed their discontent to the media after they suffered punctures which resulted in them having to abandon the race.

Although understanding the frustration expressed by a racing driver who will go to the limit - and at times exceed the limit in pursue of a race win - YOKOHAMA feels obliged to state some facts in order to avoid any misunderstanding or misinterpretation.

After investigation, we can state:

  1. Our tyres had no manufacturing fault.
  2. We have provided only one specification for different environments and characteristics of each circuit based on the current regulation for the FIA WTCC.
  3. Our engineers took proper actions at all times, including as is the norm, providing competitors the guidelines of the air pressure and the camber angle and it is up to the individual racing teams to decide the final set up.

YOKOHAMA has been the Official Tyre Supplier to the FIA World Touring Car Championship since 2006. As at every FIA WTCC race, YOKOHAMA engineers and technical staff have provided expert advice to competitors about the performance of the tyres. We shall endeavour to continue this commitment to offer the highest level of professional motorsports with the best products which guarantee high performance as well as in keeping with the priority of ensuring safety.

YOKOHAMA Statement following FIA WTCC Race of Germany

2017-06-06 WTCC Race NBR