YOKOHAMA ADVAN Sport excels in EVO magazine tyre test – again
08 Oct 2015

The flagship tyre from Japanese manufacturer YOKOHAMA, the ADVAN Sport V105, has performed exceptionally well yet again in the coveted annual EVO Magazine tyre test. Carried out in Italy and featured in all editions of the magazine, the ADVAN Sport provided strong results across the individual tests, securing second overall, just 0.1% behind the eventual test winner.

YOKOHAMA tyres have performed extremely well in the previous two EVO magazine tests; in 2013 the ADVAN Sport V105 finishing second overall, topping the wet performance test results and in 2014 the ADVAN NEOVA AD08R was described as 'One of the best combinations of comfort and noise suppression' and '... impressive'.

This year's test was carried out at two venues, one to provide the basis for the wet weather trials and another for the dry surface scoring. In addition to the objective tests, the driver also gave subjective scores, including a road test for each of the ten tyres taking part.

Fitted to the reference Volkswagen Golf GTi, the ADVAN Sport scored within the top three on each of the wet handling tests and in the curved aquaplaning trial. In the dry, it again excelled, setting the joint fastest lap around the circuit and won the subjective feeling part of the dry handling tests.

As the overall scores were totalled, the YOKOHAMA came second in the tables, with a score of 96.2% against the outright winner on 96.3%.

Commenting, a spokesperson of YOKOHAMA, said; "I am delighted that the YOKOHAMA ADVAN Sport did very well again in the EVO Magazine tyre test. We were a close second two years ago when the ADVAN Sport was new to the market and second again this year but to a different overall winner, clearly demonstrating the consistency of the YOKOHAMA product.

"I think that finishing just 0.1% behind the eventual winner is an excellent result for us and I am pleased but not surprised that the ADVAN Sport's overall performance was able to achieve this result."

Chosen by several leading car manufacturers, the ADVAN Sport is supplied to the likes of Porsche, Audi and AMG-Mercedes among others, as Original Equipment while also being available as a replacement option for those looking for a premium high performance tyre.

The ADVAN Sport can be purchased from YOKOHAMA's dealer network in a wide range of sizes, from 16in to 20in, including an XL or Extra Load designation for heavier vehicles.

YOKOHAMA ADVAN Sport excels in EVO magazine tyre test – again

2015-10-08 EVO Magazine