Another successful magazine test for YOKOHAMA
13 Sep 2013

Hot off the back of YOKOHAMA “winning” the tyre test carried out by the French magazine “Motorsport”, the Japanese brand of high performance tyres has excelled in another magazine test. This time, the YOKOHAMA ADVAN Sport V105, introduced earlier this year, came a very close second in the coveted Evo magazine tyre test, topping all three tables in the Wet handling categories. Evo is the magazine of choice for car enthusiasts up and down the country.

The ADVAN Sport V105 was introduced in early 2013 as a successor to the V103 and is YOKOHAMA's flagship high performance road tyre. Already chosen as Original Equipment on high-end performance cars such as the latest Audi RS6 and RS7 and Mercedes-Benz new CLS and S-Class, it drew critical acclaim as soon as it was launched. In designing the tyre YOKOHAMA engineers used experience gained from the brand's rich motorsport heritage to create the latest evolution of the ADVAN Sport.

The test, carried out by Evo every year, is one of the most respected in the business and covers a wide variety of conditions, both empirically and subjectively. Tyres from eight brands were rated in situations such as wet and dry braking, handling and lap times and subjective road feeling.

Carried out at Goodyear/Dunlop's test circuit at Mireval in France, identical sized tyres - 225/40x18 - from the assembled brands were fitted to a Mercedes A-Class for the tests.

The ADVAN Sport topped the tables when it came to wet lap times, wet lateral G and subjective wet handling, with the tester saying; "Overall grip was superb..." and "... the tyre gave huge confidence once you were in the corner."

The V105 also performed well in the dry, both in terms of lap times and on the subjective road route assessment.

Once the overall scores had been added together, the YOKOHAMA ADVAN Sport V105 was awarded second place overall, with a total score of 94.7% just 0.7% short of first place. Evo magazine described the V105 by saying; "It shone in the lap times it set round both the wet and dry handling circuits. It also did well subjectively both in the wet and the dry and on the road, which could make it an excellent choice in the British climate."

Commenting, Managing Director of Yokohama HPT Ltd, David Seward, said; "I am delighted that the Evo magazine testers and writers were clearly impressed with the ADVAN Sport V105 which performed very well in the dry and excelled in the wet, making it a great tyre for UK drivers."  

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Another successful magazine test for YOKOHAMA

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